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Top companies and organisations around the globe are moving beyond the chase for productivity through technology. The real thought leaders in the field of competitive positioning recognise the immense, but less widely acknowledged value of healthy, behaviourally and emotionally competent colleagues in their ranks. The root of this kind of health lies in the emotional literacy of its staff and the integrity that they and their employer bring to the full range of their relationships, both inside and outside of work.

But, in a commercial world that daily demonstrates its commitment to unsustainable practices and to relationships lacking in integrity and unfiltered by emotional acuity, achieving sustainable emotional and behavioural health at work can be a daunting prospect.

The Pulse Audit offers a powerful launching pad for organisations that aspire to the kinds of behavioural and emotional dynamics that set them apart from their peers.

As a thorough assessment of the emotional and behavioural dynamics of staff at work and at home, the Pulse Audit provides a map of the territory of emotional and behavioural wellness - and its corollary, behavioural and emotional risk.

But the Pulse Audit also goes beyond simply quantifying the scale of risk. Using data supplied by colleagues in the audited company, the process provides feedback to individual respondents, outlining key areas of emotional and behavioural competence and risk. This personalised, confidential report also begins the process of more personal management of these dynamics by providing guidance to participants on the relationships between the areas assessed.



So, why a Behavioural Risk

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