John Soderlund

John has been providing individual therapy online and face-to-face since 2000. His interests include relationship difficulties, mood disorders, anxiety, addiction and the challenge of finding meaning in one’s work and home life as the world turns progressively crazy.

Abigail Foley

Abigail is a registered clinical psychologist. She works with adolescents and adults who experience a range of psychological difficulties, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, work-stress, loss, relationship difficulties and trauma. She  tends to think psychodynamically, helping people to gain insight into the meanings behind their emotions and behaviours.

Dylan Evans

Dylan uses a psychodynamic approach to therapy which involves helping people develop a deeper and more compassionate understanding of their emotions, desires, and relationships. He holds that therapy is a process of self discovery where we grow in understanding ourselves so that we can make more conscious choices that promote healing and personal growth, instead of automatically repeating the same unhelpful patterns that keep us trapped.

Sue Spencer

Sue has worked in hospital and private practice for the past 20 years. She works primarily with teenagers and adults and areas of special interest include mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, midlife challenges, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, bereavement and relationships. Therapy affords a unique opportunity to engage with oneself, one’s dreams and one’s fears, in the company of a trained listener in a secure environment. The goal is to reach a point where one is living a more fulfilling and enriched life, benefiting oneself and one’s closest others.

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