Do you feel like you are headed in a direction that does not promise the fulfillment for which you long?

Are you struggling with unmanageable emotions?

Or just battling to survive the crazy, changing, unpredictable world that we now inhabit?

It can help to spend some time with a professional, impartial third party who can help you to move towards a more considered, conscious life.

Online counselling is a convenient, hassle-free way to meet with a licensed psychologist in the comfort of your home or office to examine where you are headed and, if necessary, how you might change course.

In a world of global flu pandemics, remote working and ceaseless change, having someone with whom to chart your course during upheaval is deeply comforting and invaluable in coping sustainably.


Our services

Who are we? is a collective of licensed psychologists who provide online counselling and therapy to clients around the world.

Each of our licensed, professional psychologists has extensive experience in providing insight-based, online therapy to clients around the globe, helping hundreds of individuals with a wide range of issues since 2010.

The service is coordinated by New Therapist Trust, a multifaceted mental health services provider based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

How it works

Start online counselling by clicking on each of the following four simple steps. Start with number 1:


Have a look at our counsellors and decide who you’d like to see.


Complete our brief online registration.


Pay for your first session or a discounted bundle of sessions.


Once we have your registration and payment, we’ll be in touch to schedule your first session with your chosen counsellor.

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